Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Enduring appeal

Mama loves Audrey Hepburn and her movies. I remember we were watching ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ together back in Bukit Panjang. That was, well, way before Gabby was even an idea.

I’m not really into romance, but I was captivated by Audrey’s appeal and her sheer performance. She was simply stunning; she's sophisticated, yet refined and stylish. I believe that she’s the one who immortalized headscarf as part of the feminine garment which remains an iconic fashion to this day. This classy, enduring appeal was also adopted by Supermodel such as Kate Moss.

Well, we have our mini-version of Audrey here. Yes, it’s our very own Gabby 'Hepburn' Hon!

One fine evening, she woke up from her usual weekend power-nap and decided to turn her coverings into a head dress. We didn't reherse this, and I don't think she has met Audrey (yet). But any resemblance is purely coincidental.

Willingly, she became our ‘Supermodel’ for the evening and offers herself for some photo-taking opportunities. Strickly for my camera only...

Heh heh… My daughter beri cute leh! “Baba xi bei hao lian…”


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Stop and smell the flowers!

You need a break. Seriously, you do.

Not that it’s a lazy excuse to go a day without any activities. But it’s important that we take time out to rejuvenate and catch on with ourselves. It’s God’s way of telling you to completely rest and remain in peace. Trust God ‘cause He designed you this way.

Every day, we struggle to make our ends meet. We get quashed while rushing for the things in life: the train rides, the deadlines, endless meetings and conference calls, bills and more bills… Men~No~Pause…

Every year, Mama and I do our parts to remember and celebrate the important dates in our lives: birthdays, ROM day, and wedding day. No hassle, no bells and whistles, just the 2 of us. Our preference: We like it quiet and leave Gabby at the childcare center. “No phone calls please!”

But seriously, we need to take time out for ourselves. The chores of life can quickly make us forget who we are, and our mortal souls sank deep into oblivion. We must be reminded time and again that life’s precious and worth living for.

Understand this: when your elderly have passed on and all your kids have grown up and go about their own ways, you’ll be there for one another ‘til your ripe old age.

It’s worth a day’s off to take her somewhere nice and spend quality time together.


Monday, 1 March 2010

I want 'phish'!

Koi Garden, Suntec City

Whenever we attend church on Sunday, one of Gabby’s diehard routines is to visit the Koi Garden at the basement of Suntec City. We would give her $2 to buy fish food to feed the fishes.

Once arrived, you will instantly notice that most of the fishes are pretty well fed ‘cause they look bloated, like they are about to give birth. But everyone is excited and they go into feeding frenzy. Well, the fishes aren’t complaining, and no one puts up any stop signs.

The Kois are friendlier than most other fishes I have known. In my opinion, they behave like most domestic pets; they are not shy and like to get very close to people.

It’s actually quite relaxing just by looking at the fishes. Their subtle movements, the sounds and the ripples of the water have calming effects on people. Generally, it sets one on a pleasant and soothing disposition, especially after a hard day’s work. Mama always wanted her own aquarium at home.

“Beri the good idea. But how much leh?” Something cannot be measured; it’s called Intangible Benefits – Relaxation, peace of mind, and soul at ease… yeahhh…

Something fishy here

Besides Kois, there are also different kinds of deep sea coral fishes available on exhibits outside Koi Garden (next to Tony Roma’s). They have these long, stretchy aquarium tanks fixtures that look like huge wall-mount Plasma TVs.

Aquariums: Hey, fishy fishy!

We have been there almost every week. Talk about weird, I have seen some strange-looking fishes and their bizarre behaviours.

Big Eyes Fish

No camera tricks or Photoshop touch-ups: Initially, I thought something was wrong with my lens. As it turns out, this particular fish has really huge eyes.

I don't know what's the scientific name for it, but it sure reminds me of the front cover of the alternative rock band Eels' Beautiful Freak album in the 90s':

Sleepless nights?

Tune in to this interesting MTV by Eels entitled "Novocaine for the Soul":

Kinda like Cyclops (X-MEN) wearing huge magnifying glasses for goggles going on a deep sea exploration; in case it gets dark. Clearly a Fibonacci pattern failure.

Vertically challenged

No camera tricks or Photoshop touch-ups (part 2): Every week, I get to notice this particular fish’s interesting move: training for his vertical marathon. I know you won’t believe it; watch the video:

Fish enjoys vertical swim

Occasionally, he gets a little company. But, none of them are quite as persistent as this one. "Really committed to win nah!" "Never say die yah!"

I thought I was watching NEMO live. "I'm going to save my son!"